Research into Practice – Week 1

For the first Research into Practice session we were asked to develop a personal artistic manifesto. I initially began to think about this by coming up with some abstract keywords expressing attributes of my digital creativity. These were –

  • Interactive
  • Emotive/Rationale
  • Playful
  • Person
  • Place
  • Narrative
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Discovery
  • Detail

From here I began to think about some key phrases such as

  • Engagement through interaction
  • Emotional identification through empathic response
  • Rational engagement through intellectual gratification
  • Loss of inhibition / preconception through playfulness

These all seemed a little clunky and overly serious 😉
I took another look at some of the earlier manifestos such the Futurist and Bauhaus movements. Although these were artistically valid reactions to contemporary contexts, I found myself returning to a sense of artistic manifestos being by dint of their very nature

  • posturing
  • vain
  • facile
  • disposable
  • comedic
  • tedious when at their most truthful

Thus I decided to embrace these aspects of the creative manifesto and come up with some relatively facile instructions visualised in a reasonably  disposable manner –

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