Research into Practice – Week 2

For the second session we were asked to produce a short statement relating to an interdisciplinary aspect of our practice. I came up with the following written response –

Although I very much enjoy working on projects collaboratively, in this response I want to focus on the specific challenges and rewards that arise from producing an inter-disciplinary piece of work as an individual. For example I may produce a piece of work for which I develop audio composition, video and motion graphics. To do this I need to ‘wear a number of different hats’, in other words, focus on a specific disciplinary element in order to give that element full attention in favour of other elements.

I also need to step in and out of the producer role which gives equal weight to all disciplines and ensures that the product of the parts is greater than the sum.

There is a parallel process of role swapping when working in creative technology, as almost inevitably, the technical aspect must be delved into at some point. Although this immersion in technical detail can detract from the creative process, it is usually essential for its delivery.

The trick is to know oneself well enough to intuitively know when a good time is to abandon one mode of operation in favour of another, or conversely, stick with one mode and let another process wait until a better moment in time.

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