Inspiration – Curb Videography

The following references have been found by searching for videography using curb as a keyword.

I like the simplicity of this piece. Although much of the videography centres around depth of field technique, the result when edited and combined with mood music is evocative enough to produce an immersive experience. The idea of exploring the details of overlooked urban space appeals to me in particular. The piece doesn’t particularly go anywhere, but that’s ok.

Even simpler, taking a much more lo-fi approach, this short film demonstrates a surface printing process which in itself is of interest being completely homespun and certainly innovative. I like the non standard aspect ratio, which possibly unintentionally, gives more feeling of height to the subject wall. The music is very down tempo in feel and gives a great sense of depth. A lost space is recovered and given a new use. Time lapse is a great way of signaling to the viewer not to expect A to B video in the temporal sense, more that time is fractured and reconstituted according to a new order of granularity.

This video ‘looks nice’ thanks to the sunny environment and although poor audio, the subject matter matches my current search criteria which includes the keyword ‘curb’. There is quite a lengthy artistic justification that goes with this piece but I think it is essentially poor being a disposable artifact without real insight into anything. It would be possible to capture a curb side scene without altering the resulting recording in anyway and it still be of artistic merit. I believe to do so would require some form of stylization or overt approach on the part of the videographer, whether this be shooting from an unusual angle to accentuate an attribute of the scene or perhaps adding narrative at least in the form of subject introduction.

Good idea, poorly executed! Silly projector noise and moving line overlay. Shadow of a tree on the curb could actually be an interesting subject, would probably be straight forward enough to make an evocative mood piece by putting tree shadows on the curb to music.

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