Initial Tracking Shots

This is an example of the tracking shot I have been trying out. The problem I have been trying to overcome is that I have been unable to move the camera steadily when recording video, particularly when any unwanted movement or wobble is accentuated by zoom. Instead of shooting video I have tried shooting a sequence of stills with a view to animating them as a stop frame sequence, as seen here. This has some distinct benefits – the image capture quality is so much better whan shooting still over video and the ability to slow shutter speed below 30th or 60th of second (ie typical video capture rates) is a massive advantage. The main problem is the number of shots required to get a smooth movement when focussing on a near field subject. In this experiment I have shot from approximately 40cm away, zoomed in slightly. Each shot was taken an eighth of an inch sidewise from the last, that’s well less than half a cm, and the movement is still quite jerky thanks to the level of the zoom. Note that the noise in the video has been introduced during transcodimg for the web – the original image quality is almost flawless.

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