Inspiration – ‘Rabbit’ by Run Wrake

Phenomenally inspiring animation, especially due to the fantastic storyline. One aspect I find particularly effective is the way labels are used to identify all objects in view (except for the human protagonists). As I am looking at ways of creating narrative through intervention it struck me that a very simple device that could be used to create a narrative dynamic would be to either deliberately mis-label subjects/objects, use a word related to their intention or some other insight into their ‘purpose’.

Here are some initial ideas –
In this image, a single word is used to describe each subject’s status.

In this image the, the words used are intentionally extreme in order to add narrative tension. Although each word is derived from corresponding status words in the previous image, they make us view the image in a completely new light, as they act as dramatic signposts that direct us to imagine our own ‘what happened next’.

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