Research into Practice – Week 8 – Lecture – Postgraduate Writing

Nic Maffei delivered a lecture on the subject of post-graduate writing, particularly with reference to the current Research into Practice module. The 2000 word report that is to be delivered at the end of the module has become a bone of contention for some students due to its wide open nature. No example reports from previous years are to be distributed, not even any example titles are being shown. The report is to be a process of discovery on a subject that is to be agreed between Tutor and Student. I for one am keen to get the title nailed asap and get the work done as I may well be busier nearer to the January deadline – hopefully title agreement will happen in tutorial this week. My tutor is Tom Simmons, and I have already suggested the title of ‘use of artistic intervention to add a narrative dimension to the representation of commonly overlooked space‘ but I didn’t get a resounding thumbs up. Since then, I have drawn back from the idea of dealing with narrative, mainly because during my 2 years part-time study at NUCA, I’m keen to deconstruct the subject of Moving Image and Sound as much as possible and deal with significant subject areas at a granular level. Narrative is one of the areas that I intend to turn my attention to at a later date. So for now I intend to constrain the scope of research as much as possible to  the realm of ‘observation’.

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