Initial Powered Tracking Shots

After a few weeks of trial and error, I have finally managed to put together the set up that can deliver the kind of shot that I’m after. The following clips are initial tests, shot on a fairly overcast day. The first clip is a prototype of the curb tracking shot I intend to shoot in various locations. Although not stictly a curb, the wooden step in my back yard is a convenient practice subject. In this example the meeting point between horizontal and vertical planes is approximately vertically centred. The camera lens is approximately 12cm above the floor and is zoomed in to a 35mm equivalent focal distance of 70mm. Actual focal distance is 40cm which is the diagonal distance between the lens and floor/step meeting point. There is a slight slip in the shot just over half way through – one of the many lessons learned on the way is to make sure the shooting surface is stable during the course of the shot 😉

Once I shoot a real curb, I intend to vary positioning of the floor line in frame, distance to the curb etc until I come up with optimum settings that I can repeat to (hopefully) create consistent footage.

The second clip is a separate test exploring the idea of observing a subject presented in an environment. In this case the object is a piece of old rope that is quite weathered. I have arranged the subject, so the composition is not complete observation as the step shot is, more of a naturalistic composition. In this case, the intervention I made was minimal – I just laid the rope out in front of the camera. The feather stuck to the rope and all other bits and pieces are naturally occurring.

I’m fairly happy with both clips as a starting point for development.

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