Sound Continuations

As mentioned previously I am still hunting for a decent location / subject to base my next film on based on the requirements re-listed below

  • be outdoors (so I can use natural light)
  • be easily accessible (so I can shoot video and record audio on multiple visits)
  • be accessible by vehicle (as I have a fair amount of kit to move when shooting video)
  • be a man-made feature within a natural environment (as I want to explore the relationship between object and environment on as many levels as possible)
  • be worn or decaying (as I am interested in the detail of man-made surfaces and materials as they break down)
  • not be overly complex in appearance (as I want to retain some sense of visual  simplicity)
  • have a broad range of audio sources within ear shot

I decided to capture 30 minutes of the tide coming in near to where I live, on the bank of the River Colne, Essex. After trying out a number of locations, I positioned myself quite low down the river bank on the salt marsh, actually quite close to the river. Here is the audio captured.

Much of the sound is from birds in the immediate and further vicinities but there are other incidental sounds in there too.

  • overhead plane (inescapable!)
  • builders working on a house on the water front opposite
  • birds including sea gulls, geese, waders (Curlews? Oystercatchers?)
  • distant dog bark
  • children / adults distant voices in distance
  • gun shots from firing range in distance

I deliberately shot the video in SD as I wanted to take as many different shots in different locations as possible and this is a big space saver. I am now thinking of time lapse as the format for some of the film and so have treated the video according to mimic time lapse, to get an idea of what this might look like. Here is the 30 minute shot compressed to 30 seconds.

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