More Development….

Having spoken to my tutor I realise that the project as I currently planned it does not go far enough – amounting to Foley in the outdoors.

I have been scratching around for means to develop the original idea into something more challenging and I realise that I need to call in the programming expertise that I have accrued over the years to add some weight. My idea now is to try to create a ‘sound diffusion system’ that I can use to place the individual field sounds I intend to record in an environment, drawing on (simplified versions of) game programming techniques such as 3d positional audio to locate sounds within the stereo field depending on the position and attitude of the listener. In the case of the jetty film, the position and attitude is known and follows the POV progression along a fixed axis between 2 points – the beginning and end of the jetty – with a persistent attitude (ie no change in angle of view). Simulation of stereo position could be achieved by modulation of left and right volume, distance by increase of reverberation and possibly dulling of higher frequencies.

The system I intend to create would locate a number of audio ‘events’ around the jetty axis and modulate the audio as described above to simulate movement in relation to the audio source. There may be scope for audio events that change position (as they would in nature – many of the sounds after all will be bird cries) or this may be too complicated for an initial proof of concept, which is the level I would like to aim at – already having some thought about the development and application of such a system for use in possible future audio-visual installations projects.

This image of binaural synthesis gives a good visualistion of the technique

THis video of an existing system controlled by an Android device also looks promising

The authoring group, Spatial Audio Research of Technische Universitat Berlin, certainly looks promising to this line of research!

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