Final Submission

Here is the final submission. From the learning agreement….

I propose to produce a sound track for a short film (2-3 mins duration). The film will be an observational study of an old wooden jetty near West Mersea, Mersea Island, Essex, which protrudes from the island bank over salt marsh into mud/water (depending on the state of tide). The location is well away from built up areas and rich in sounds which are produced by the large number of birds in the area, marine activity, local firing ranges, walkers, water and wind. The visual style of the film will be deliberately simple in order to create space for the sound track which will be produced by creating a prototype ‘positional audio diffusion system’ enabling the placement of sound sources in notional 3d space around the film POV. All sound sources will be captured in situ via field recording techniques and processed in real-time by the diffusion system in order to create the illusion of distance and position in relation to the viewer. The final submission will consist of the film complete with audio track achieved via the positional audio diffusion system.

Critical evaluation/reflection, system overview and more in the posts below…

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