Event Identity and Promotion

I have been working hard at publishing some initial audio-visual outcomes in order to promote the installation event prior to taking a few days off. Although I had managed to create an audio-visual piece I was happy to show as a starting point, using Processing and MIDI input, it proved troublesome to capture the output. Initially, I tried saving frames off as the Processing sketch was running but quickly ran into CPU meltdown. The next step was to reduce the animation demands on the CPU by reducing activity and frame size. This approach worked, although the end result looked quite different from the original. I recorded the audio separately and united the two together in After Effects, with some titling and post-production added via iMovie.
The result can be seen here

Although the audio is not strictly in time with the video, by nature of the creation process, I think it is close enough to suggest the relationship between the 2 dimensions. However the process has alerted me to the difficulties of creating a video that is faithful to the live audio-visual experience I have created.

By the time I had finished the sample video, I had been through a few permutations of event identity until I came up with the fairly obvious moniker of ‘Noisescapes.’

Since this time I have begun to promote the event via Facebook which can be seen here

The response has been positive, if reasonably modest, which is to be expected at this stage. I see word of mouth and Facebook as my key promotional networks. There are also a couple of cultural organisations local to Colchester that I might yet persuade to do a short write-up in advance, but in any case I will continue to post updates to Facebook in the hope of developing further interest.

As for the actual Slack Space listing – it looks like this –

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