Setting Up – Day 2

Having spent a second day on-site, I’ve now got the installation set-up pretty much finished. I ‘ve raised the projectors by 20cm or so off the floor which seems to improve the image quality and also means that  the projector bulb lights will generally not be seen other than through the screens by anyone other than a small child viewing the installation. This is important as they would otherwise be a distraction. I’ve also added 2 self-powered speakers, one behind each screen, which make a huge difference – at last the sound of the projector fans cannot be heard. Volume is moderately but not uncomfortably loud. There are quite a few spikes in the audio volume, normally these would be smoothed out by using compression, but I have left them in because I want to maintain the occasionally brash volume dynamic of the audio element, not hide it. The volume spikes are part of the noise scape.

I’ve created a flyer, a couple of which will be shown on the bill board outside the venue for the duration of the event.

I’m also in the process of creating an info sheet to put up near the exhibit, so visitors can find out more about the ideas behind the piece. I’m going to take this copy from the Colchester Circle magazine blog entry on the subject which can be found here.

In fact Googling ‘Noisescapes Slack Space’ actually returns several listings websites all carrying the event – for example,,, – all of which is positive publicity.

On the creative side, I have completed a couple of new 10-15 minute long ‘mixes’. These are videos created using the process described in the last entry, specifically designed to be played using the 2-projector set-up. As I’m manning the installation myself for the first 2 days, I will have the chance to try each one out and decide which one works best in the space.

I have a couple of other jobs to complete before I open to the public – a few leads to swap around to keep the laptop running the video out of  view, and a means of capturing visitor feedback. This last point may be addressed by a simple visitor book.

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