Audio Moodboard

Following on from the previous post, I have taken a little time away from image processing to develop an audio composition in order to help set mood and context – not least for myself in the process of developing the final piece – working title ‘Zeitspiel’. Here is the first audio idea, inspired by some of the themes identified in the last post.

The piece is written in 5/8 which is a non-standard time signature. The beats are reminiscent of electro but without the conformity and  repetition expected of dance oriented music (and skewed by the odd time signature).

There are various real-time effects that process and break up the constituent sounds into fragments that are then repeated. For me there is an obvious analogy between these audio time-displacement techniques and the video time-delay techniques I have been developing.

Most importantly, I like the mood the piece creates – unsettling although familiar at the same time (like the temporal-spatial re-mapping video experiments described in previous posts), ghostly (anything from the past is potentially ghostly, but literally, ghost images in video are artefacts of time play), urban (through the electronic-ness of the beats), spacious (through a contrived balance between activity and emptiness) and contemporary (in production technique).

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