Thoughts and Next Steps

After all the experimenting, technique development and software learning, I realised I’d got to the point where I need to take a step back and think about the final submission piece – what is it I want to make? What is the creative vision above the use of time-delay effects?

Thoughts and next steps –

Firstly – I am quite inspired by the luminosity time-delay effect (see previous post) when applied to time-lapse scenes of people and vehicles in urban environments. For me, themes of mass movement, cyclical behaviour, repetition, individuality, loneliness, crowdedness, axes of light/dark, rich/poor etc are evoked by the resulting images. So I will pursue these ideas by shooting unique source image/footage in urban environments – London being the obvious candidate. I am now planning to spend most of next Wednesday (12/12/12) shooting in London, hopefully the weather will be in my favour.

Secondly – I want to use audio as mood-setting device. Although there will be links between the audio dynamic and the video in the construction of the final piece, I want the audio to add dimensionality rather than merely demonstrate audio-visual linkage. To this end I will compose a piece of music specifically.

Thirdly – I need an identity for the film, even a working title, to help me focus my efforts. In terms of working identity I now have the idea of using the title ‘Zeitspiel’ (literally ‘time play’) partly in homage to the famous experimental film by Bauhaus artist Moholy-Nagy called ‘Lichtspiel Schwarz-Weiß-Grau’ – literally ‘light play black-white-grey’.

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