Masters Project Begins

Working title: ‘Mirror Noise’.

For my masters project I am developing an interactive audiovisual piece consisting of a number of ‘vignettes’ that will be presented sequentially within a multi-screen exhibition venue – the Fusion Digital Gallery. The interaction method will be via webcam – real time audio and video information will be processed and presented back to the viewer by projected image and amplified audio. Therefore, to enter the exhibition space will be to immediately interact with the vignette currently being shown.

Mirror Noise builds on my recent audiovisual practice in which I have made use of real time audiovisual processing methods as compositional tools. The piece is a natural progression as it will transform compositional tools into modes of interactive performance where the viewer is the performer him/her self by virtue of his/her very presence within the exhibition environment.

The work will be shown in its final form at the Fusion Digital Gallery, The Forum, Norwich, from the 1st until the 6th of July 2013.

The following still shows the Fusion venue with 5 screens in operation. The venue is to be re-configured in 3 screen mode prior to July, by which time the outer most projectors will have been removed.


I hope to run at least 1 smaller public event before then, probably at Slack Space, Colchester, in order to try out and further develop my ideas.

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