First Access to Exhibition Machines

Today is just over 2 weeks away from the opening of the exhibition and I have access for the first time to the 3 NUA machines I will be using to run the real time image processing at the exhibition- ie one per screen. The spec is slightly lower than that of my development machine which may prove to be an issue. Hopefully the difference in processing capability will not present any serious problems but more likely will require minor tweaking of the individual compositions to optimise them for use in situ. More of a problem is likely to be access rights – in line with college procedure I will not have admin rights on these 3 machines and so must ensure that the entire range of actions I take is achievable within my user permissions.

The tests will fall into 2 camps –

1) Test that the Quartz Composer compositions actually work (ie the correct plug-ins and patches are in place) and that performance is within an acceptable range.

2) Test that the peripherals can be plugged into each machine and accessed without any issue   ie external webcam, mini-display port to VGA adapter and MIDI in/out device.

A few hours later…

The NUA machines, although lower in spec than my development machine, have a more up to date processor (i5 compared to i3) and seem to run the test pieces slightly faster, which is great news. All peripherals work as expected. One machine does not have Quartz Composer installed, which is easily remedied. The only significant problem  is that one key plug-in does not work, despite appearing to be installed as expected. I’ve taken a few screen shots and hopefully will get to the bottom of this next week. Otherwise, ‘Neon Dance’ and any other piece that performs outline detection will not be usable, which would be a great shame.

A few more hours later…

I cannot fathom why the plug-in does not work on the college machines. I hope to resolve at my next scheduled access on the 20th of June. If I can’t resolve on that day, I will have to drop the outline detection technique. In the mean time I will need  to develop some other ideas so that in the worst case scenario, I have something to fill the gap.

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