Mirror Noise – Second Day

By the end of the first day it was apparent that not everyone who came to see the exhibition was patient and/or inquisitive enough to find out for themselves how each piece works. Accordingly, this morning I produced a series of laminated information sheets which give a little explanation of what is going on in each piece. Perhaps more importantly, within each description, I have effectively embedded an instruction as to how to interact with each piece. I also tweaked the names I have been using for my own reference purposes to make them more ‘gallery friendly’.



I’ve also been calibrating my camera and microphone in preparation for shooting a series of video interviews with visitors who agree to this. Unfortunately my tripod broke today so I haven’t been able to use the camera much other than for testing out settings. Luckily I have another at home. The other missing part of the jigsaw is finding a suitable permission form for participants willing to let me record them. I had imagined there would be one on the college intranet but I have not found it yet. I will probably use whatever else comes to hand if I can’t find it tonight.

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