Question & Answer session with Inge Lise Hansen at the Wapping Project

As part of the ‘Undiscovered Landscapes’ season, curated by Marta Michalowska, running at London’s Wapping Project bunker-like event space (shown here prepared for a different event), a number of films by Inge Lise Hansen are being shown on loop for the duration of one week. The artist herself engaged in a short question and answer session at the venue on 9/12/11. The films shown on that occasion were ‘Adrift’, ‘Proximity’ (previously detailed on these pages), ‘Parallax’ and ‘Travelling Fields’. The questions were largely posed by the curator with the session being opened up to floor briefly at the end.

The main points of interest for me were as follows –

  • The artist started off creating large scale environmental stop frame animations (with soil, rocks etc) but moved away from intervention to observation of the environment over the course of producing the films shown (2004-9)
  • A sense of dislocation gained from being in expansive, featureless landscapes prompted the artist to investigate the effects of visual dislocation by inverting/rotating point of view.
  • Geographic/spatial concerns are prominent, especially within the context of Northern European culture (the artist herself is Norwegian).
  • Temporal concerns are also very important – the artist expressed an interest in the ‘subversion’ and ‘shifting’ of time.
  • Although a strict system was observed in the shooting of most scenes (stop motion with fixed interval time and tracking position shift), the process of editing and addition of audio saw the introduction of artistic direction which steers the end result away from a more purely process-driven, Structural Film-like output.
  • Over the course of producing these films, the artist came to the point of view that she had taken this particular artistic direction to a natural conclusion and it is now time for something different (no details were forthcoming!)